Depp Vanessa

And along the way Depp tells the children about the hero of his new movie, the presentation of which he will leave after a few days. First, in America, then Europe. His character – famous in the 30s of XX century American gangster John Dillinger. In preparation for filming, Johnny read so many books about it! All his short life – like a breathtaking scenario. Vanessa conjured by the stove. Seeing her husband in the doorway, turned and shook her head. Clear: master in a fit of culinary inspiration requested not to interfere. Johnny loves Vanessa when cooking.

Even if she had nothing, he still eats the least for both cheeks. But it all fantastically good. Today they will stew with fragrant Provencal herbs. Hurry up to lunch! Johnny went out on the porch and leaned on the railing, watching the children. When life becomes true in the kitchen rang something – perhaps his wife in the heat of cooking inspiration dropped a couple of plates.

They are together for more than a decade, they have two children – the best in the whole world. Vanessa gave Johnny what he lacked – happiness. The actor managed to find a place where world fame did not prevent him to live quietly – France. – In Paris, I feel so comfortable as possible – he said. It was in Paris, Depp rolls out of the carriage entrance with a little Lily-Rose and calmly walked through the streets. And nobody in the whole city was not the case before him. And the first few months of his son’s Jack were here in the village. With neighbors Johnny has detailed discussions on the production of goat cheese, about prospects for the harvest of grapes (a few years ago he gave Vanessa a vineyard), about the weather.