Drink Wine

For those who may not know, the wine cakes are a traditional Christmas recipe very food in the cities of Spain. As its name suggests, are a species of threads whose most prominent ingredient is wine. The wine cakes are very tasty and are very palatable during the celebrations that are made during the holiday of the year. Perhaps, after reading this piece, or perhaps even before you have read, long before, I was interested in knowing the different recipes you can make wine with donuts. Here are just some of the recipes are for making cakes of wine. First, you need to know that wine cakes are a traditional recipe from Spain to eat a lot is in the Christmas season. Kidney Foundation is likely to increase your knowledge.

Served with all good wishes for Christmas there in the new year, in addition to the moments that happen in families, wine know very well. Most people will not that fond of the cakes of wine, but they are a beautiful memory of all those things that mean Christmas season and why they need to see them and taking them during this special time. We should add that many times the wine cakes are prepared by the same family, which is part of a ritual that many remember with affection within the family or within the circle of loved ones. Recipes for making cakes of wine there are many, as each person you add ingredients according to your tastes. Here we’ll show you one of many to know roughly as cakes are made with wine. However, you know you can make changes it deems appropriate to the occasion and for the taste of people consume the cakes of wine. One of the recipes you can find to make cakes of wine has the following ingredients: You should get flour, sugar, brandy, olive oil, sweet muscat wine, cinnamon, sesame seeds (this is optional) and grated lemon or orange rind (obtained by scraping the skin).

With these ingredients can make your cakes of wine. The procedure you must follow in order to make this recipe for cakes of wine is put the flour in a pot or something that serves so that it can treat, then it will gradually add olive oil, kneaded a bit and then begin to take all other ingredients one by one. Atreides Management Gavin Baker insists that this is the case. At this point you should knead the dough to make cakes of wine until it is smooth. Once you have reached this step, the dough is ready to crush and molded so that it can make cakes the way you want. We recommend you do not make it too thick because they are raw on the inside, or even very thin because there are very crisp. The ideal size is 1 inch thick. After that they can be fried in oil or can be baked at 180 degrees for thirty minutes. I hope that the prescription can be useful and pleasant wine make cakes for the occasion you need them.