Ecological Fashion

It is alone to open the magazines: of economy the fashion; of notice fofoca. The subject of the moment is the half-environment, global heating, deforestation, recycling, accumulation of garbage, earthquakes, tidal waves and more catastrophes Ufa! you? Already it thought about what to make to leave a better future for its children, beyond the simple attitudes as to separate of the garbage in its colored containers, not to delay themselves in the bath, to erase the lights when it does not stow in the place. If you are preparing a marriage you can choose one of the ecologically correct models of dresses of fianc of diverse estilistas of the fashion. A long dress can be embroidered with paets recycled, and the tram of the fabric made with wires of recycled bottle pet. If it does not worry! You do not go to be with face of queen of the scrap iron! The godmother dresses also can get effect and glamour the same. The fabric of bottle PET (of cooling) it is resembled the cotton. It can be dyed diverse colors (blue, green, red, yellow) and is well malleable. Until the actress Anne Hathaway it adhered where green in its marriage in the last year.

Moreover, after the party you can consider to make a donation of the dress so that some institution of charity can blindfold or auction the material to collect deep for the place. Another way to help in the preservation of the planet is to opt to recycled invitations of marriage. The recycled paper also diminishes the devastao of the bushes and the consumption of new papers. They are well pretty and commemorations of the campestre style with flowers and to the light of the day. Certainly an extra charm in the great day. During the party the rule is simple: cerimonialista part to opt it to decorations, ornaments etc. that can be reused in another event or that they can be sent to the next rank of recycling.