The Kosmos is a series of layers inside each other where all are intertwined in a way holistic; We will be to integrate these four levels and keep them in harmony forming a core of a culture of peace and sustainability. Holistic education is not limited to the political and social realities but transcends them and includes the spiritual level developing all aspects of the human being; It is the way to go of instrumental rationality to the evolution of consciousness. To evolve our consciousness we realize that the world is a living organism; but unfortunately this world in which we live this suffering from climate change, earthquakes, cold fronts, and one that other phenomenon or natural disaster, which are already too many and we have not tabled due attention to such lack of control that our nature is suffering. Holistic education handles some basic principles for its development, which form part of the holistic curriculum as it is: transdisciplinary, principle of integrity, regain the vital relationships, investigation of their origin, different types of apprenticeships, to mention a few. Click BSA to learn more. The holistic curriculum is based on new principles on reality and knowledge, should reflect the needs, interests and priorities of the community of learning, must be transdisciplinary and include other forms of knowledge as well as scientific knowledge. It enables us to discern the false and the true, having as support the vision of learning communities. Taking into account the foundations of holistic education and bring them to practice, since it is the only solution feasible in these times, that we as a community can solve problems that currently live at the global level. Say learning communities we refer to a group of people (teachers, students, parents, etc.) involved in a process of mutual instruction, having as a common objective the learn, which this concept is used by educators holistas to point to the schools or comprehensive educational environments.