Embroider Development

Lesson fine art are very important for the harmonious development of children because it gives them an opportunity for self-knowledge. In his childhood feelings of a man is not bound by experience. Child and more emotionally experiences occur with the event. In children, artistic creativity is available to all, you only need to help your child choose the most interesting for its form of expression. There are several stages psychological development of children, which are reflected in their classroom creativity.

Child aged 2-3 years in the process of drawing doodles strokes expresses his emotional and physical activities, which so far has no purpose. He is amazingly untiring in the desire to try his hand at various activities and undertakings, games and amusements. During this period the child through motor activity and tactile knows the world. Drawing at this stage of personality development child – the most affordable form of creativity, since you can draw anything and everything. For four years the child begins to formless color patches to replace the individual lines. This is to say that he already has ability to control his actions. 5-6 – year-old child is already drawing primitive symbols, human figures, animals, birds, butterflies, cars and houses. Period descriptive drawing extends to ten years, with the child is considering the subject of details, which he represents.

Due to the figure in this period of his life, the child clearly and practically acquainted with the characters and plots, the variability of color. For eleven years the child begins copy or imitate the work of others. At this point you can offer him a lesson in embroidery. Precise forms of the depicted object promotes discipline and responsibility. During the period of 11-14 years, a child who is actively engaged in drawing, there comes a certain setback, which is associated with physiological, cognitive and linguistic development. He prefers to draw geometric shapes, patterns or unusual fantastic images. It was during this period can take children embroidery cross, techniques that allow you to recreate in a form and color in all sorts of patterns, geometric shapes and even fantastic images. Classes are creative discipline the little man and taught him self-control. They help develop a child's attention to their own thoughts and feelings. Artistic creativity contributes formation of the child. In particular classes embroidery cross promote the development of fine motor skills, have a significant impact on language development and intelligence of the whole child. Create your own hard thing enhances self-esteem of the child. Sense of usefulness, awareness of the positive achievements of a child brings a sense of satisfaction and encourages further improvement. For my baby cross stitch it is desirable to choose a sufficiently simple form, understandable and familiar to the child theme, combining not a very large number of colors. In today's online store, you can easily find any sewing kits complexity. Size should not be large, so while stitching does not stretch for long. For example, the embroidery red apple with green leaves and butterflies – bright and clear image for the children's consciousness. Little colors involved in embroidery, will not distract the child from their primary goal. At this age, it is still not very well versed in a variety of shades and tones. Simplicity and clarity – the success of children's creativity. Provide this success, giving short and accessible explanations of a child – this is a problem of adults. It will take a little time and a child, growing up, he will approach the implementation of complex tasks in the work. Catherine.