Employee Responsibilities

After all, the task manager is not whether to get a job and responsibility, and to plan, direct and supervise the work of others. First of all, taking the other people's responsibilities, the head bad for business as well as solving the problems of their subordinates, he, at this moment, on the one hand, distracted from their cases and not doing its job, which is much more important and more important for the organization, and with On the other hand, encourages irresponsibility of their subordinates. Every employee, regardless of position, must cope with their responsibilities. Official site: David Delrahim. He paid for it. However, the employee, once having done a trick with the head will return to this method again and again, make your life easier and give undeserved pay for the work with which he, in fact, can not cope. Lack of clear division of tasks, responsibility, and service functions, a misunderstanding of competence often leads the organization. As a result, difficult to solve many problems, the functioning of the organization, there are bottlenecks.

That avoid these shortcomings, we must advance to clearly define tasks, responsibilities, communication channels and responsibilities of each. In this case, be completely ruled out the possibility of shifting liability for failure to work on another's shoulders and duplication operations. The most effective means of struggle – a clear and detailed business processes based on them constantly upgraded scheme organization (organizational structure), which is linked to job descriptions. Such instructions should clearly define the rights, duties and functions of each department and each employee.