Environmental Health

Our River Rbia Er has a significant flow of 117mo per second, which explains the fact that no fewer than eight dams have been built along its 575 km. A fantastic fall near the source is about 13 kilometers downstream from the bridge Tanifnit, or about 32 miles if you choose to reach Khenifra. Also in the High Atlas, Ahanssel River is a great place for rafting for the whole family. Its clear water fast, coming down steep gorges and stunning rock masses, offer some of the most beautiful landscapes in Morocco. The rapid from there, like the famous Wee Stinky (Stinky Little) or Cheeky Monkey (Mono Brash) are exciting but below Level Three, apart from the area of the powerful Throat Ali Mohammed, making this region a destination great for kids rafting. The descent through the villages of Beni Mellal and Khenifra, skirting the small village Imi nWard and ending at the beautiful Lake Bin El Ouidane is also a perfect place. In the high Ahanssel, we also recommend the 30 km descent from Zaouia Ahansal to Tilougguite.

a Other fantastic places for rafting and kayaking are the decline in the gorges of Dades, particularly the descent from Boulmalne and throats of up Skoura Todgha, a journey of nearly 75 kilometers, the Oued El Abid, 16 miles upriver from Taguelft, where you can descend to achieve Ouaouizaght. But, as in many developing countries, water is a vital and invaluable resource. Moreover, as in many other African countries, is also a scarce resource. In Morocco in particular, with more than 3,200 miles of Atlantic and Mediterranean coast, has a huge dependence on water and its proper care and maintenance. The diversity of fauna and flora, the stability of its economy developing but still poor and, most importantly, health and welfare of its people depend crucially on its clean, its just supply and protection.

Many organizations and associations working conscientiously to prevent the dumping of industrial waste into the sea, ocean conservation and sources of freshwater and against the unequal distribution fee and the lack of supply water. But all these circumstances, which have already caused an enduring crisis that points to very serious long-term consequences still occur continuously, but can be avoided if we become aware of them and campaign or act on them. arecord that without water there is no surf! So whatever your choice for the descent rafting, kayak or canoe, Morocco offers a fantastic variety of fast and lakes as well as a natural and a unique biodiversity. Accommodation is cheap, varied and high quality. Morocco also offers many attractions and advantages: a fascinating and ancient history, a rich and exquisite cuisine, catering for the most diverse and affordable, a town famous for its generosity and hospitality. agrees to Morocco and enjoy your water, its people and its magic! His experience of rafting and other adventure sports even more successful if you choose the most convenient and best located for access to the rapids and rivers. In addition, many will help organize your trip and rent all the equipment you need. AY enjoy the descent! David Gonzalez-Company is a writer, journalist, educator and translator and has lived in several countries in Europe, North America and Africa.