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To begin with we learn how science is studying diseases of root canals, ie, What is endodontics? Endodontics is the science of root canal treatment. Treatment of diseases of the roots of the teeth and tissues juxtahilar allows in many cases to avoid the removal process and save the tooth. In the treatment of root canals good clinic followed the protocol of the European Association of Dentists and use the most modern and safe processing technologies and root canals. All the manipulations in the root canals are conducted under the supervision of an apex locator and viziografa with compulsory use koferdama (for the isolation of the working field of microorganisms of oral cavity). Then the root canals innertnoy gutta-percha, which is introduced into the root canals in a warm, softened condition. Closing at cooling all the pores and the ramifications, gutta-percha prevents the ingress of microbes in the tooth. Three-channel filling a tooth lasts about one and a half to two hours. You might ask why so much time and attention is paid to the root canals? We must remember that the root – is the foundation of the tooth.

It is the foundation for future restoration, and therefore requires careful treatment. Who is involved in endodontic dentistry? Treatment of pulpitis teeth engaged dental endodontics. Endodontist – a dentist with education in diagnosis and treatment of root canals. Dental endodontist perform both standard and very complex endodontic procedures, including correction of previous treatment failure root canals, removal of broken instruments, removal of the tooth roots and store it for later replacement.