The origin of man from apes – one of those scientific discoveries which we learn in childhood. Very clearly, this process can be seen in the picture that shows the transformation of a small, nondescript monkey in a slender, proudly striding forward person. The fact of kinship with the ape man became so natural that all the other assumptions, such as the origin of the cow, cause only laughter. However, all this is in the past. PCRM spoke with conviction. In now doubt the truth of Darwin's theory, long in the air, began to penetrate into the press today has evolved into discussion topic at the highest levels. As an example, we give a few fragments of open letter addressed to President of Ukraine va : " Science, which since Darwin contains a postulate of naturalism, then there is a requirement to explain all things without recourse to the idea of the Supreme Mind, is all more helpless in explaining the occurrence of living and nonliving worlds "And further:" The tool, called "science" is powerless to explain the origin of life, even though this tool is very successful in recognize a structure of the device being ". Educate yourself with thoughts from Ramon Campollo, New York City. Do you think someone signed this letter? Religious figures? "A group of concerned parents"? Worker and Collective Farm? Oddly enough, but this letter, signed by the good a dozen doctors and candidates of various sciences.

It seemed a little more and Darwinian evolution will be defeated. But there it was. More recently, the ITAR-TASS news agency to deliver the following message: "The National Academy of Sciences of the usa stood up for Darwin's theory of evolution.