Exclusion Society

The lack of use is the main cause of the poverty, the social exclusion and the inequality in the levels of rent and wealth and, therefore of opportunities of the people. In a frame of active policies of use, the law of labor insertion of the people in situation or risk of exclusion acquires a special relevance, since the customized aid for the use search seems to be one of the most effective interventions for the majority of the people in unemployment, combined with specific programs of formation taking care of the characteristics of the people or concrete groups. To fight unemployment long play or coming from the social exclusion demands to reinforce synergies between all the political, social and economic agents, with the purpose of to do against the existing demands in the society, of an effective way and giving answer at the same time to the new needs and to the changing circumstances. In synthesis, one is to obtain a nonexcluding society, an open and cohesive society, cradle in solidarity and the equality, and one high quality of life for all the set of our society. The people or groups that more difficulties must to find use are, the disabled women, people, the gypsy ethnic group, the immigrants, the young people, the people majors of 45 years, etc. In this material, we are going away to center in the four first since like professionals in the field of the social exclusion, they are those that interest to us more and with that more cases we are going away to find. Woman and work: As of 1984 she is when a massive incorporation of the woman to the labor scope takes place. The unemployed women generally and, mainly the women who want to reincorporate themselves to the labor activity after being separated from such scope, do not have facilities to obtain to a job employee.