Executive Board

Sure to have in the future a year longer. In addition, it facilitates the regulations to the reserves. It is possible to make a replacement reserve. Thus, the previous administrative practice is laid down by law and the reserves for more expensive replacement investments, such as a new Club bus is permitted. It will also make it easier to make “free reserves”. Is in a year the statutory maximum for a free, i.e.

non-earmarked reserves not exhausted, it is permissible to make up for the reserve in the following two years. Also can a reserve from the surplus from the asset management and economic operations, as well as 15% of the remaining funds be made for the assets equipment of other tax-exempt entities. Boy Scouts of America may not feel the same. Liability volunteers will be limited with the volunteering support Act changed also civil provisions of the civil code. So, it is clarified that Board members of an association or a Foundation are basically free of charge. Only if the statute envisages a remuneration for members of the Executive Board, also a remuneration must be paid. A fee is to be paid, the statutes of the Association must be adapted.

This is still enough time, because this provision shall only apply from 1 January 2015. However, should amendments be implemented promptly, to create legal security. Civil liability is limited and not only in the future for all voluntary Club members for members of the Executive Board. All those volunteers who are working free of charge or maximum EUR 720 per year will receive a sum in the amount of the tax-free allowance of volunteering, be liable only for intent and gross negligence. Note: New rules will also the recognition procedure for non-profit organizations. Newly established non-profit organizations will be in the future an appeal enabled exemption notified instead of the previous provisional decision. A trust protection exists for already approved constitutions.