Federal Cartel Office

Retail blackmails the dairy farmers “We need to call the food retailers to the raison, which takes advantage of the fragmentation of the dairy farmers and the dairies seamlessly with his turbo-capitalism” allegedly, so Samuels in a press release of the German farmers Association. He attacked mainly the retail chains ALDI, REWE and LIDL, which in his opinion expressed milk prices and lasting harms to the farmers. Samuels was against limiting the quantity of milk by the German milk producers, as he fear that the Germany will otherwise flooded with dairy products from other countries. The farmers Association announced at the Federal Cartel Office review the operations to leave as he assumes the existence of the German dairy farmers would destroy this behavior of retail. Often, the farmers Association due to the threatening operations protested against the German pig farmers. Time and again, the DBV in public rallies at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin made headlines. Back then, it was now similar operations, apparently on other areas of agriculture by EU rules, local German farmers on which would turn wall. press /? p = 212. Some contend that Center For Responsible Lending shows great expertise in this.