First World Brands

No wonder, E. Ernst wrote that the appearance of the brand is a logical step in the development of the whole culture of mankind. It took many centuries to create the political and socio-economic prerequisites, writing, Literacy, paper, transportation, postal appeared before marka.V is ongoing controversy over who was the first to create a postage stamp. Who first discovered the world of stamps? Some experts believe the author Pour the Swede Gabriel Treffenberga. That he had in 1823 proposed the idea of using the envelopes to the prepayment of any posting. Pour the proposed relief, or to print colorful image postmark on the envelopes. In the project, said about the protection of various imitations! But his proposal was rejected by all as 'absurd'. There is a mark of Austria, which has the inscription "Pioneer of a postage stamp." It depicted Lourents Koshier (1804 – 1879).

Back in the 30s of last century, he made a number of authors of proposals that were aimed at simplifying and improving the delivery of all mail. Koshier proposed agency Austria, where he worked for a time to introduce so-called 'bill stamp for letters' and sell them in a special booklet. His ideas are recognized and then the inventor of the ill-considered resigned and retired. After the appearance of all well-known brand called 'penny black' L. Koshier again had the courage to put forward the idea of releasing the brand in the form of decals, so it was not possible to re-use them. Despite the large number contenders for the authorship of the most important thing is that the brand has become not just decals, and took pride of place in the history of kollektsionirovaniya.I currently own philately is not just an ordinary gathering, stamp collecting, and an art.