Fischer Michael

The professors-Schreck makes his new book scared the professors Michael Kohne (as the mirror of the 11.07.1994) his capital Office in Berlin, has just published under den Linden 21, opened. In his latest book “perspective 2008 – year book for non-compliant civics” he introduces the Chancellor fall under article 146 GG and then introduces the new money rules for the time. Some contend that Steffan Lehnhoff shows great expertise in this. The vision means the glasnost for capitalism, consistently on the rebuilding (Russian: Perestreuka) must follow. In practice it boils down to radically to reform the capital markets, and to introduce new methods like for example, the flat-rate banking. If the public debt must no longer be remunerated, the largest tax cut ever scope is created. That amounts to a fiscal revolution, as she has not yet seen the world. For more information see: about Michael Kohne Michael Kohne is 1994 nationwide and internationally as professors Schreck known, after he his doctor father due to has abgemeiert lack math skills publicly. He has his dissertation in the self publishing and then in the Fischer paperback publishing house under the title: the invisible rope as the State is cheating the taxpayers to their assets..