Football Club

Similar accidents in the organization has not previously been. State labor inspectors state institution of and Sports "Football Club" has not previously been tested. An accident with a cleaner area R.V.F. occurred in the last movement of the stairs leading from the technical corridor 164 in the basement room in the building of public institutions "Football Club". In 2001, the completed repair of the building. Project overhaul designed UE "Minskproekt" in 1998.

According to the letter of UE "Minskproekt 01-27/6430 of 22.11.2006g. part of the overhaul project, 1998. repair of the stairs was not included because its state at that time was satisfactory. However, given the lack of height from the stage to floor beams and the slope of stairs in excess of regulatory requirements (SNIP 2.08.02-89 * 1.94 point slope no more than 1:1.5), this ladder has been excluded from the calculation of escape routes from the basement. On project have been punched in the four windows of the basement walls to escape, and as the main entry and escape from the entrance used by the stairs in a building opposite end of the room number 7.

According to the draft 1998. Stairs could be used only as an additional technological ladder to inspect the equipment installed in the basement. According to the letter of UE "Minskproekt 01-27/6430 of 22.11.2006g. tehpodpole access, technical and technological basement ladder outsiders are not allowed. However, in the organization access to tehpodpole, technical and technological basement stairs is not controlled by outsiders.