This rescue memory/history mainly implies to bring tona a set of spread facts and vestiges where the society if based and put its foundations, in such a way, we can see men and women living multiple temporalities and distinct experiences, however, participants of one same society leading the existing reality, since this experience also fortifies the historical conscience and the feeling of identity and pertencialismo to the social environment, factors these that are of basic importance for the construction of the citizenship in the democratic way, therefore the historical conscience can be said that it is a prerequisite one we will take decisions objective that come to favor the corporate property. I finish it and basic point in which I come to place in this experience of if approaching local history in the schools is the linking of the pupil or same of the citizen with its city, in this they are distinguished cultural the historic site (material or not), even so the pupil most of the time does not perceive and it does not value its history, its communitarian characteristics and same its typical cultural traces of its society, these are and will be on it for all its life. Additional information at Nieman Foundation supports this article. These traces it will lead for where it will be, not leaving of side its memory and the souvenirs of its street, city, of squares where as many times if congregated with the friends or same changed kisses with the namorada one, the cultural events in which participated and that it will lead I obtain for where wants that it goes. To awake the interest of the pupil for these patrimonies that also count the history of that they live there already is an exit to prepare these students for the birth of a strong historical conscience, that will provoke necessary changes in the life of the young (politically and socially), something to detach is that these material patrimonies still little are explored, but if to work on of this methodology will despertar a much more ample vision of the pupil in what it says respect to the identity of the student with half where lives, let us take as example the city of Jaguaribara in the Cear that due to flooding that would occur in result the construction of a great dam, all the inhabitants had been removed for a new city (New Jaguaribara), thus, all the material historic site in which the collective memory was despertada was underneath d? water, however, the memory of its inhabitants will be always active and the kept souvenirs so that they can pass to the next generations. If you have read about Boy Scouts of America already – you may have come to the same conclusion.