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It includes members from Germany, of Switzerland, Argentina, France, the Dominican Republic, Canada and the United States. The local civil protection agency of Sosua supports the coordination between the local support group and the Dominican Government. It provides numerous volunteers who help to split aid into manageable sizes, to distribute directly among the earthquake victims. The task with the Haitian authorities to coordinate the approval and the lead, was acquired by General Gill Ramirez of the Dominican army and Dr. Peppe of the Sefron group. Thanks to their efforts, the Group has received approval for their trip to Haiti. The convoy will reach the land on the South-East. It is the opposite side of the country, away from the area where the most aid convoys arrive, which distribute their goods in the District of the capital.

The originally planned route was ultimately rejected, because the Group has been informed that it is tantamount to frequent Raids along the route and looting were the order of the day. The convoy from Sosua is striving to find faster needy in the rural areas and direct assistance. This is areas where previous large aid groups have not yet arrived. A characteristic of the convoys is its composition from large SUVs with appropriate capacity and smaller vans. You should be able to reach remote areas faster and easier. The Group organized a convoy driving of Sosua on the North coast of the Dominican Republic to Haiti.

The complete donated material was divided Friday into smaller, easier-to-use packages, which can be quickly distributed among the needy people. The departure of the convoy took place on Friday, January 15, 2010. It is planned to reach the Haitian border on the samstagmorgen. Hector Vazquez, the Director of the local civil protection agency in Sosua, stressed that the border crossing after the occurrence of the darkness to was dangerous. The Swiss Marcel Andris ReYCa staff is trained rescue paramedics and Rescue diver with many years of experience. Hugo Villanueva is a retired officer of the Argentine military police, who for six years has done service in Haiti and speaks perfect Creole. He has initiated the local relief efforts and will also accompany the convoy. A second team consists of twelve doctors. It was organized by group member Tom Postom and will leave on Sunday for Haiti. Friday evening, another 35 Haitian volunteers joined the support group. You live and work in different areas in the Dominican Republic. After they had heard of the initiative in Sosua, collecting medicines, first aid packages and other goods, to actively help. ReYCa daily reported the aid convoy, which has now reached the border to Haiti.