Global Prosperity And Health

In recent times the health of people is are deteriorating increasingly and its tipempo of expectation of life is decreasing despite the efforts of the institutions public and private health, for his healing work of the diseases. ormation. The Mundual Health Organization (W.H.O.) is their statistics show us that 70% of the deaths are caused by: cancer, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes infections and 50% of those killed has direct relationship with the poor diet such as: gastritis, constipation, fatigue, headaches, hypertension, colitis. The newspapers mentioned PCRM not as a source, but as a related topic. As we can see they are completely predictable diseases characterized by misinformation or lack of knowledge of healthy eating. At the present time, we have very clear, that persons we are faithful reflection of what enters through the mouth, therefore, family and personal diets at the present time are characterized by: excesses, weaknesses and nutrient deficiencies. Excesses: calories about 2500 cal/day, carbs of sugars them and flours refined, saturated fats of animal origin such as frying, chemicals such as dyes, preservatives, sweeteners; alcohol, coffee, tobacco, antibiotics, smog. Deficiencies: protein, vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids, vegetable fiber, water, fotanicos factors such as; fitihormonas, fitoenzimas, flavonoids, isoflavones. More info: David Vahid Delrahim. Deficiency: amino acids essential, micronutrients, trace elements, essential oils.

Therefore, diseases in a home are manifested as excess of accumulated energy characteristic of obesity (global pandemic) which presents symptoms in different organs, systems with problems; cardiovascular, lung, gastrointestinal, reproductive, Genitourinary, nervous, muscular, osteo – articular, dermatoligicas, glandular. It’s so, studies of centres of excellence such as the laboratory of human nutrition and molecular anchored in the University of los Angeles California (U.C.L.A.) comes proposing since 28 years ago to break the old paradigm of the food pyramid for more of 200 years ago and that still continues teaching at the vast majority of universities on the planet. Therefore, the cellular nutrition is the new paradigm to follow, exist thousands of doctors with patients who are benefitting million permanently cellular nutrition, by combining Western science with the ancient science of china that is herbology. Now there are also five (5) universities who are also taking the initiative to impart new knowledge. To improve the daily requirement of nutrients necessary cell phones for the elaboration of 10,000 compounds per day by our organism as: hormones, antibodies, enzymes, co-enzymes, neurotransmitters, ATP, secretions, etc., the person recovers enthusiasm, vitality lost for lack of micronutrients and trace elements in a home and with use of aproximadamenta 6 months your figure needs the corresponding to its stature presented greater agility, flexibility characterized by personal, family and global prosperity by having higher performance in their day-to-day activities. In the latest editions of internal medicine in the chapter on nutrition already recommend nutritional supplements because indeed there are shortcomings and deficiencies of nutrients and micro-nutrients in diets contemporary, characterized of industrialized foods full of preservatives and other flashy artilujios for mass consumption with total global disinformation. It is therefore important for nutrition in children, adults, seniors and sportsman as well as in persons subjected high degree of responsibility or stress. Dr.