Gold Farm

Those who play and buy gold, these are people who love to play and easy to enjoy. While on the other hand, the essence of the game not just fights, but also the economy, which is very similar to the real world. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger has plenty of information regarding this issue. If you want to learn how to farm and try to sell Count all the benefits of farm gold yourself, because if you’re not lazy, and love not only save money and make money. First, let’s talk a little about numbers, then the methods of pharmacy, and how to sell the first thousand Gold. Thus, the average amount of character to completely deflate along with the pros, dressed slightly to 50 000 Gold. What is it for the money if the gold is in the Ryan = 100 rubles 5000 rubles.

You now clearly see, in what the players need sumac, which indicates the need for, and provides an opportunity to earn. And why should the amount required Golda is constantly growing, evolving game. A raid on trips as you like you thought? I’m not going to write clear figures. Count yourself do not be lazy. It turns out if you are able to do so, go and saved 5 units rubles. And if you know how to extract themselves, can easily these same 5 pieces put it in his pocket by selling one to whom you want gold. How to learn to farm, as advanced goldsellery? There are many kinds of mine and zarabotat.