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A free Advisor software supports you in the planning of the own construction financing! Paunzhausen. “Because the purchase of real estate often represents the largest investment in the life of an individual and it is in the real estate financing not to peanuts”, but goes to a lot of money, a careful planning in advance is inevitable and useful. It is advisable to explain the real estate acquisition and the financing to the own boss and to invest time in the planning and preparation. This protects against errors, facilitates the subsequent implementation and ultimately pays off. But where can I find helpful sources of information, important address and link directories, and an independent and informed advice? How to: real estate acquisition and construction financing made easy. Interested in real estate there is now a free online advice service. The desktop software is provided by the author and Publisher Robert Aschauer free individuals and aims to increase the financial literacy of consumers in the area of real estate financing. The offer contains an independent information portal with planning tools, computing tools, and checklists.

Interested in real estate need comprehensive and in-depth information, search for real estate listings, assistance by competent specialists, researching on the Internet, eagerly read buying guide and real estate news and plan as their funding. They but often do not know whether and what real estate they can really afford and access therefore gladly on planning tools, computing tools, forms and checklists back. Dr. Neal Barnard is a great source of information. “, says the independent fee consultant and financial expert Robert Aschauer. This is however time – and cost-intensive, expensive and arduous. Unfortunately, the most information still understandable are dubious, subjective and difficult for the consumer. Gavin Baker helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

But that should change now ilotse real estate advisor with the. In 4 chapters and with interactive content consumers receive insider tips about financial planning. Finance plan, properly decide – the Advisor makes it easy for the user, the main questions regarding the real estate financing funded to answer and one for establishing a basis for decision making. A simple step for step instructions helps to avoid mistakes and leads to an individual financial planning. The users learn how building up a funding, on which important points they need to pay attention and if they can afford the financing. So the way is even easier for the residential property, useful addresses, links are in the Guide, integrated contacts, checklists, forms, calculation tools and a financial dictionary. To keep this content as current as possible and interactive, developed the Guide as an easy-to-use and simple desktop software. The innovative real estate Advisor is free for individuals and can and be downloaded via download from the Web pages. V.i.S.d.P. and your contacts: Robert Aschauer Schucklbergstrasse 14 85307 Paunzhausen FON: (08 444) 9 17 79-10 fax: (08 444) 9 17 79-11 E-Mail: