Handmade Rugs From IKEA

Do not confuse two kinds of rugs: braided and woven. Plaited or knitted – a carpet with a nap, his yarn attached to fabric-based (kilims) uzelkami.Osnova created on a frame: it tightly to each other stretched threads which are then interwoven horizontally others. The resulting network, kilim – the foundation of any rug. It can be as wool and cotton. Then the basis for many weeks starting accrete knots.

For each nodule spent about two seconds per day master tying them ten thousand to fourteen. The speed of weaving depends on the complexity of the pattern, fine workmanship and material from which made the carpet. The number of nodules on square meter depends on the quality of the carpet: the more of them, the sharper the image, the denser, stronger and more expensive than carpet. However, too dense carpet can crack at the joints, if clumsily collapse. There are several traditional types of Bedrooms: senne, giordes, tebetskie, Berber, Spanish.

Senne nodes are also called Persian and giordes – Turkish. Ornament traditionally associated carpet determined by the place of its production. Each country and region have their own patterns and symbols. Typically, the carpet is woven from wool, sometimes interspersed with silk threads. Silk adds volume and gives the picture a beautiful carpet of gloss. Some Iranian provinces weave carpets entirely out of silk. Woven carpets – flat and pile. They consist of two overlapping systems of fibers: longitudinal and transverse (weft). Rugs often are woven single leaf, which is then cut into pieces. Pattern usually embroidered or created interweaving weft threads. Many pile carpets can be laid on the floor either side, and both can be either identical or different, where the pattern on the one hand there is a negative image of the second. In ikea sells several kinds of woven carpets: – dhurri – Kelim – rep Dhurri – Classic Indian cotton rug. Manufacturing technology dhurri not changed, the Indian craftsmen continue to create them with the same painstaking slowly, that many centuries ago. Kelim can be immediately recognized by the distinctive holes in the canvas, because when you create a carpet weft threads of different colors do not overlap. Reps – a dense fabric of wool, silk or cotton yarn plain weave with fine transverse or longitudinal scar at the surface, which is formed due to the difference in the thickness of the warp and weft. Rep rugs can be machine washed.