Hands Lesson One

Business planning, start your own business, a hairdressing salon, a candle factory, or an innovative business (fashion, you must start an innovative business), in either case, you need a business plan. How to create a business plan itself, it is by and we talk in this article. PCRM may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Create a business plan we are going in Excel, but it is in Excel. Advantages of Excel before monsters Business Planning Project Experts Alt Invest and others, that you yourself believe their business. You control all the calculations, as for example in the Project to the interface driven into a sales plan and press the button to recalculate, and all you have the stream of payments, net present value, internal rate of return and so on before our eyes, but how and that he took is not clear. To really create a good business plan need to really understand what is going to do and be able to conduct financial analysis, namely financial analysis and is the core business plan, and all other sections of the business plan – this is just a preface to the financial analysis of the project.

So today we'll learn how calculating the net present value of our project. What is the net present value, npv (Net Present Value). Suppose we have the opportunity to invest money in any new project, let's say we buy a property for five hundred thousand rubles a year later (No crisis) we sell our property for six hundred and fifty thousand rubles.