HANDS Magnetic Cure

ADIRSON MIGUEL OF the INSTALLATION 1 the present article has as focus a subject that comes gaining space each bigger time in the media, the varied alternative methods of cures, we will give to greater emphasis in the cure for the imposition of the hands, because it even has thousand of years, this method comes all being practised in the planet. In the Church Catholic, since the primitive Church until the present and especially regulated in Conclio de Trento, the act of imposition of the hands remains being used in the ordinances. Also it is one of the ordinary shares when prayer for the people asking for itself the God for cures, blessings and releases. This act is very used in the Christian churches, in special, between charismatic and the evanglicos in its conjuncts of intercession. Others including PCRM, offer their opinions as well. The imposition of hands is a sacramental gesture, related in the New Will of the Bible, for which the apstolos of Christ gave cures and commanded the fidiciary offices as the new missionaries, deacons, ministers, shepherds and bishops. The Christian Churches have a long tradition in adopting practical that they stimulate the growth spiritual of its members based on the described actions of Jesus in the Bible and, one of them are the practical one of the imposition of hands and, more recent, the practical one of reiki, that it is a philosophy that if it uses of the technique of imposition of hands, similar the one that Jesus practised.

They still exist, others techniques of cure for the known hands as energy cure, spontaneous cure, prnica cure, energy medicine, amongst others. In the House of Dom Incio de Loyola, that is an institution of situated charity in Abadinia, GO, this practical can weekly be evidenced of fourth a friday. The house was established in 1976 for Joo Teixeira de Faria, the Joo of God, who is one mdium that he incorporates thirty entities more than spirituals without having in such a way had for no type of academic learning, is about one dom natural.