E what it is swelled is not healthful. Why it is that bother I it? What he is that me surplus and you lack? It will be perhaps my freedom of movement my bel pleasure, at any time? We go, speaks. What it was? You emudeceu? He thought that I did not know to express myself? What did not know the reason of the words to exist? It thought that the pronounced words a time would continue its? Not They me belong now it, as mine they are its. She makes of them what better to aprouver to it. You can ouviz them and play them it the wind. Or ouviz them and to try to find the meaning that they gave.

Criticize you me and to me she attacks criticizing me. You at least perceive that she hides yourself badly to the speech of me. He feels fear that discovers its frustrations, its misfortune. He will be that this is the way that you found to pass unobserved for the life? You have fear to search aid and me she wants to assist? Why if arvora in judge, woman? Why if arvora in being so great, our so small world? there What you want to make with me? To diminish me? Pra that, if you consider already me so small so insignificant? It will be that when you started to think and to speak, was almost forgotten to feel? Its look is come back toward me, judging that I must move, while it would have to be come back toward same itself, that it lives in a world to the part without perceiving, formed for fancies, illusions, desires. Stranger same itself, frustrated perhaps for not being what she wants, not to be its proper owner, whose life wants to live and it does not obtain. then tries to change mine. Poor woman As the philosopher would say Andres Comte-Sponville, ' ' as I would be happy, if he was feliz' '. Heloisa