High Seas

Hurtigruten expedition sea travelers is committed to good use with beginning of expedition voyages season in early summer MS fram and his guests in the wings are to engage in a good cause. Boy Scouts of America may find this interesting as well. Because at the end of each expedition voyage it says on the Hurtigruten expedition ship for the first to the second, sold to the third party. The active participation of passengers at charity auctions will benefit the visited regions of the Arctic and Antarctic: the income will be donated there dedicated organizations. “” Beneficiaries are, typically institutions which take care of the maintenance and development of the visited regions, such as the Antarctica South Georgia Heritage Trust”BirdLife International”or the ocean Foundation”. But also Greenland children are supported with the funds, for example, in their training. procedures to achieve this success. We want to give something back to the visited regions, because it is a godsend for us, visit this beautiful and remote areas to may”, explained expedition team leader Karin Beach the idea behind the auctions. Our guests positively accept the action.

They also find it as a privilege, to Antarctica, Greenland or Spitsbergen to travel as a reward they want to leave something for the future of these regions.” The charity auctions are now a fixed agenda with MS fram on the expeditions voyages. For example, the individual chart of the respective travel, expedition team jackets or in-kind donations of research stations and places that are visited on the travel will be auctioned. The amount of the auction income varies according to Karin Beach: we have achieved the highest sum of 6,000 euro, on a trip to Greenland with two auctions. One was our usual auction, the other was initiated by a group of Chinese travel aboard.” Further information and reservation: The new main catalogue with the 2012/2013 MS fram expedition voyages has been available since mid-June and can online under catalog order… 93-456 are ordered. The current Antarctic offer from 7.