Hispanic-Mexican Poets

ASCOT jomi GARCiA (1927-1986) "Distant Spain, Spain, where lie the waves of my time up where the arch springs from my sky where the pulsar crosses the air today mints tarnished this afternoon where he was born here die, pale and high , home this pain and my chest. "jomi Garcia Ascot. THE VOICE OF A POET OF FILM Children who adhered to the fate of the parents or family members had to leave Spain and were brought to Mexico in 1939 received a Spanish education. A few revealed themselves as writers. A Xirau Ramon Jacinto Viqueira, Enrique de Rivas, Inocencio de Burgos, Roberto Ruiz, Angel Palerm, Carlos Blanco Aguinaga, Manuel Duran, Tomas Segovia, jomi Garcia Ascot … we find them in the last years of the forties, creating and working around a journal, Presence, founded in 1948 and directed by Garcia Ascot, among the poets who came notabilis.

It published many books of these young poets who became known as the Generation of Hispanic-Mexican Poets. Garcia Ascot jomi had published poems in journals, and essays in prose before giving his first book, A fall in the air in 1964. Followed: Be Here (1966), have been there (1970) Six poems aside (1972) and a way of saying (1975), if in the previous books to last, Garcia Ascot, with tone and content right word problems explored universal, in the past without abandoning the previous findings, attempts to explore their individual self above all. He later published poems of love lost and found and Other Poems (1977), Personal Anthology: Poetry (Xavier Villaurrutia Writers Award for Writers, 1984) and Of Time and a people (1986).