Hollywood Saxon

Products and brands made by MOVING item – Halle Saale/glassworks/Los Angeles – the Glashutter luxury watch manufacturer Lange presented itself this year with the House in her exclusive event of A. Lange & Sohne\”in Los Angeles. On the hills of Hollywood Saxon art of watchmaker was in the Villa of a renowned fashion designer for dealers and end customers as well as journalists\”in a demanding environment celebrated. The invited guests from various States, among them numerous actors, directors and producers, the unique opportunity offered, to track the emergence of a Lange watch up close and watch the master watchmakers at work perfectly over the shoulder. An exhibition of historic Lange pocket watches from the extensive holdings of Japanese long collector, who had been flown in specially from Tokyo, was one of the high points by MOVING element produced multimedia staging, as well as a Clint Eastwood and the legendary Hollywood producer Albert S. Ruddy aligned VIP dinner on the night of 25 October. MOVING element took over the multimedia staging of the event, in which the \”come together\” far away from the actual workshops at Glashutte in unique way watch exhibition and multimedia production association. Latest holographic projection technology was against the skyline of Los Angeles is one of MOVING ELEMENTS presents image film, the historical background of the company A.

Lange & Sohne, the horological innovation, precision and attention to detail as well as an insight into the manufacture of A. Lange & Sohne combined for an impressive presentation. The guests immersed inter alia in the form of a helicopter flight into the virtual world of the cabaret Tourbillon and flew\”between the gears moving along. Specially manufactured, fully transparent holographic films served as a projection screen for the films produced by almost 5 megapixels in resolution, which on the window faces of the Villa have been attached. An sophisticated rear-projection system invisible to the viewer projected image films directly on the glass surfaces of the event location.