Homeless Organizations Demand Apology

Color flood entertainment and local homeless organizations request the personal apology of reporter Manolo Lama a german Spanish media event. Hamburg, May 20, 2010 color flood entertainment, which Hamburg homeless organization gGmbH meal Altona and the Berlin charity GEBEWO social services require an adequate apology of the reporter. “It is incomprehensible that a well-known journalist before the eyes of his country about the misfortune of a homeless man making fun,” says Marion Sachs, Director of the homeless day centres Malhzeit Altona. Robert Veltmann of the GEBEWO – social services gGmbH regrets the lack of compassion and respect of the Spanish journalists”. A gesture of apology is long overdue. For days, Spanish media discuss the controversial appearance of a reporter away from own home. Among other supports with daily by over 1.3 million readers second largest Spanish El Mundo newspaper claims the German organizations after an apology, by they reported.

A Facebook fanpage, which calls for the resignation of Manolo Lama has over 190,000 members. In front of running cameras, the journalist Manolo Lama treated the Hamburger Kalle during the reporting to the Europa League final in Hamburg in derogatory manner and wise. One sees in the controversial TV images, like the excellent sports journalist with some Atletico Madrid derided fans Kalle. Understands neither the language, yet he can resist the powerful group of people. Meanwhile, the Spanish Ministry of industry has initiated disciplinary proceedings against the broadcaster. The value is one million euros. It is checked whether the stations violated laws of General audiovisual coverage. The reporter is under enormous pressure, only an apology may still save his career.

With the controversial game Penner game also color flood caused in recent years repeatedly heated discussions. Media often criticized the subjects such as poverty and homelessness in a game. Color flood creates satirical way Public for a sensitive issue, but needy people personally attacking? That goes too far”, says Niels Wildung, inventor of the bum games. Wildung continued: “it would be a gesture of the necessary respect, Mr Lama came to Hamburg to apologise personally to Kalle. He could demonstrate his generosity he real support come to the homeless man could”.