Human Heart

It is the human heart, place where nobody goes. But the Espirito Santo knows the deepening of the human heart, any that are the appearances, penetrates in it, discloses the thoughts and desires, the sins most private of the human being display, them to the full light. ' ' When the Spirit of the Truth to come, will lead you to it to the full truth. It will establish the culpability of the world regarding the sin, of justice and the judgment: of the sin, because they do not believe in me; of justice, because I go for the Father; of the judgment, because the prince of this world is julgado' ' (14). The workmanship of Salvador, of the Medical the holy ghost with is concluded: its cross incarnation, death and resurrection extirparam the sin of the world, had cleaned the hearts of all pathology, had left the cured body and soul human being, by means of the faith. God Mother discloses the pathology that the sin of the world caused in the human heart and is remedy will cure that it. The human being is imperfect by its very nature.

Its congenital fragility includes the possibility to fail. The congenital fallibity of the human being is the potential sin. The Creator wanted thus it. ' ' Jav shaped the man of the clay of the ground, insuflou in its nostrils a hlito of life and it if vivente&#039 became a being; '. The vital blow makes the man image of God. But, it ' ' he is p' ' (15). For this, he is not God, but only similar it. This ontolgico paradox is wanted for God, who made the human being at the same time spiritual as God and material as dust of the land. The substance human being is composed of body and soul, non-separable joined. For this, it is imperfect by its very nature and alone he practises voidable acts.