Integral State Brazil

Thus, it points as characteristic marcante in the integralistas the form as if presented in public: always dresses of green shirts with black neckties, from there the reason to be called shirt-greens. They had as symbol the sigma, that in the mathematics is used to carry through the integral calculus, in aluso to the necessity to integrate all the Brazilians. The word of origin tupi-guarani, Anau was used as its form of greeting. Any similarity enters these public demonstrations of the AIB with the parades and celebrations Nazistas and Fascistas would not be mere coincidence. This set of practical of presentation would be in the truth, for CAVALARI (1999), the most important signal of proximity between the integralista movement and regimes fascists of the Europe.

The research has as one another point of to great analyzes it relevance of the social politics practised by the integralistas. One another activity executed with pioneirismo for the movement was one politics of assistencialismo, mainly, the populations of the provincial regions, as the opening of alfabetizao schools and the caravans of medical assistance. The author concludes affirming that the AIB was the first party of mass of Brazil. One other detached study that it intends to interpret the ideological content of the integralismo is the ARAJO work (1988). This author makes a deep diving in the literary production of Salty Pliny, including the previous period to the foundation of the AIB, when Salty he participated of the modernistas literary movements of the decade of 1920. For ARAJO (1988), the pliniana workmanship would represent most finished and elaborated theoretical recital it integralismo. Being thus, the author affirms despite, if implemented, the proposals of Salty would the same place Brazil in group of the countries that had adopted regimes jeitinho or the historical apathy and disinterest for the collective questions would have that to be substituted by a system of mobilization and active participation of all the citizens, that is, this would be the only true revolution, the revolution spiritual that would allow the creation of Integral State e, immediately afterwards would occur the greater of all the transformations that way for foundation of the Fourth Humanity would open.