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The first bi-metal currency issuer circulating worldwide was Italy. In 1982, the Mint of Rome, Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato, surprised the world with a 500-lire coin very particular, this consisted of a circle inscribed within a brass ring of stainless steel. San Marino and the Vatican, which shared monetary system, followed the footsteps of Italy and also delivered their 500 lire in bimetalico.
Years later, in 1987, Morocco issued with blanks in the currency of its new 500 lire coins 5 Dirhams and a year later, France and Monaco, with its currency of 10 francs and Thailand with 10 Baht currency followed suit Italy.
Trimetalica first coin in the world
In 1992, the Monnaie de Paris leap to the forefront of international numismatics introducing a new type of bi-metal coin. The new 20-franc coin was formed by three concentric rings instead of two, a center of brass with a nickel outer ring inscribed on a brass, the currency was known worldwide as Trimetalica currency.
Since then, many countries around the world have issued bimetalicas coins for circulation and use. For this use, the more metallic colors used are combinations of metals with silver gilt. There are also other possible combinations, but little common currency of 50 Crowns in the Czech Republic in its combined copper and gold ring in the center, the Nigerian Naira 2, using copper and nickel in the ring in the center and the currency of 10 Algerian dinars two metals used in the same gray color but with different shades, steel and aluminum in the ring in the center.
Other countries have used this format for bimetalico currencies commemorativas a level of quality and appreciated by all the numismatic collection, these coins are doing combining precious metals like gold or silver or altered with these other more innovative approaches such as niobium, titanium or tantalum. Category: Coins of Venezuela. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia … Airline Venezuela (0) Articles in category “Currencies of Venezuela …
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