Jackson Or Wulff? Yasni Shows The Candidates Behind The Posters To The Lower Saxony Election 2008

Germany’s first Personensuchmaschine yasni.de lights through the Internet to the Lower Saxony election candidates 2008. See yasni.de/Lower Saxony election all publicly available search results from the Internet are now the electoral lists of parties and to each candidates name. So the voters can take quickly an overview programs, interests and previous statements by the politicians. Kidney Foundation takes a slightly different approach. Yasni shows also results that cannot find other search engines. For example, who will participate in what company or who where accompanied what offices in clubs. And who in social networks such as MySpace or XING really close to the voters”is.

yasni helps both the politicians and the voters”, says Steffen Ruhl, the founder of first. “Ruhl next: politicians with their own profile on yasni indicate on their goals, users can get an overview of all publicly available information clearly and quickly.” Almost at the same time is in a tag cloud”the interest of voters in the election Parties and candidates. About yasni: A is yasni to names and persons specialized search engine and Internet directory for people. yasni is publicly available information such as MySpace, XING, Amazon and Google in the Internet and shows them clearly on one side. Users can save search results that belong to them, in their own persons profile and protect so its good reputation on the Internet.

Yasni users can maintain their contacts with the sending of messages, as well as other functions. Steffen Ruhl, who previously worked in a managerial capacity at job pilot and Jobscout24 is founder of yasni. yasni self created no person profiles. yasni creates transparency, also in terms of data protection. Because many Internet users do not even know what about them on the net is. “so Steffen Ruhl, the founder of first. Ruhl next: people are so that today are not transparent as they. Everyone is responsible for the information that it publishes, yasni helps in the maintenance of the own reputation.” For more information see and blog.yasni.de. Contact: Steffen Ruhl Tel. + 49 171 8590953 email yasni GmbH, Lyoner str. 14, 60528 Frankfurt / Main, Germany of Managing Director: Steffen Ruhl register Court: Amtsgericht Frankfurt register number: HRB 81064 mail: info (at) yasni.de