Jose Ignacio Etxarte Urbieta

The three ETA fled a few days ago in Cuba, say sources. It’s Elena Barcena, Francisco Perez and Jose Ignacio Etxarte. Etxarte Urbieta was one of the six ETA processed in 2010 indicted by the Audiencia Nacional to collaborate with Chavez’s Government. Dr. Neal Barnard helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Three ETA have been detained aboard a pleasure boat when they tried to get to Venezuela from Cuba and the boat ran aground in the tourist area of Los Roques off the Venezuelan coast, reported sources of the fight against terrorism. It’s Elena Barcena Arguelles, Francisco Perez Lekue and Jose Ignacio Etxarte Urbieta. The three ETA fled a few days ago in Cuba, added the sources.

Etxarte Urbieta, alias curls and Maria Antonia, is one of the six ETA processed on March 1, 2010 by the judge of the national audience Eloy Velasco in a car in which ensured that there were indications of cooperation of the Government of Venezuela in the Alliance between ETA and the guerrilla forces armed revolutionary of Colombia (FARC). In fact, in the months following the judge ordered the police travel to Colombia to show pictures of the defendants – including that of Etxarte – to nine former members of the FARC so confirm if it was the same people who collaborated with the guerrillas. The judge noted in his car, according to a document intervened in 1999 to the exdirigente Jose Javier Arizkuren Ruiz, Kantauri, etarra Etxarte had requested authorization to the Organization for ctuar in Venezuela consistent evidence in the launch of grenades or mortars with 40 kilograms of explosives that was intended to reach a distance of 600 meters. Deported to Cape Verde Velasco said also that Etxarte had been deported in 1986 by the French authorities in Cape Verde, from where he fled to seek refuge in Cuba. The same journey made Elena Barcena, who was one of the politico-military ETA members deported in 1985 to Cape Verde, a country that abandoned in October 1989 to also be installed on the Caribbean island. Barcena is accused of having participated in the placement of six explosive devices in different public buildings of the Basque country between 1980 and 1982, in the attempted abduction of the consul of Portugal in San Sebastian and of trying to fly a patrol boat of the Navy in the port of Pasajes (Guipuzcoa). Perez Lekue took part in the mid-1980s of l command ETA Madrid. Source of the news: arrested three ETA when they tried to reach by boat from Cuba to Venezuela