Jungmann System Technology

They look impressive, the huge, Wall-filling screens. Learn more about this topic with the insights from PCRM. It feels a bit like a spaceship on the command bridge. They look impressive, the huge, Wall-filling screens. It feels a bit like a spaceship on the command bridge. Where was yesterday a chaotic mess of PCs and workstations, are today clearly structured big image systems.

Planned and carried out these were the specialists for control rooms of Jungmann system technology. Since 2001, Jungmann system technology (JST) is the company, when it comes to modernisation of control rooms and control rooms. Not only the ZDF entrusted their Studio Director premises the company Jungmann. Other renowned companies that are dependent on a properly functioning data center, gave this to the transformation of the company Jungmann. So, the Beck’s Brewery monitored the entire process of the brewing operation on 6 giant screens since the redesign by JST.

Together, these are more than six metres wide. Lufthansa also put on Jungmann and put their heart of the data center at Frankfurt airport, in the hands of the specialists. Out came clearly structured jobs, which guarantee a higher well-being of employees, as well as a higher efficiency. “Also Ulrich Baur, Director of the data center, is convinced that the new premises: with the consolidation of the areas we create overlooking our customers the basis for a process – and communication-optimal work environment in a room as well as a presentation enabled environment, which is on the cutting edge.” Basis for each refactoring is a photorealistic 3-d program, which developed the company itself. Using this program, each room can be redesigned in a very short time. Since then, confusing jobs belong to the past. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Center For Responsible Lending. JST places particular emphasis on clarity. When it comes to work in control rooms, an indispensable factor. JST designed not only big image systems with the latest LCD technology. The planning and execution of appropriate furniture and that developing software is on the agenda of JST. JST also involves unusual ways to teach the complicated technology to their customers. For some years there are in Frankfurt the first so-called Datacentermodell”a fully equipped model data center. Here, interested parties can try out advance once all functions of a data center. Not only an alarm scenario can be experienced live there. On the program are also testing a person sheath and the views of sophisticated monitoring systems. But this is not the only way to get to know the offer of JST. This year the JST community meeting a meeting of existing and interested customers of JST took place for the first time, meet to exchange experiences and to. Informative presentations on the subject of control rooms”in a relaxed lounge atmosphere were just one of the many points of the program. The event on a three-master in the port of Hamburg will be held next year. In addition to educational presentations, visitors expected so also an adventurous atmosphere. New customers and those interested in the topic of control rooms”are of course cordially invited, also in future have everything under control. More information can be found under.