KAGAMI Management Training Through Gulf

Opening the 1st KAGAMI Golf & Leadership Academy on 3rd/4th Nov Majorca Kagami was the first golf training in Europe, which successfully trained golfer without giving instructions for the technology of the golf swing. Due to the amazing successes already achieved thousands of golfers of all standards of the game with this method, this kind of learning is becoming increasingly important in the field of sport. Today, Kagami sets new standards with regard to the support of executives, managers and assistants, by offering support for persistent changes even without Golf knowledge! Hiding behind every action basic behavior motives “for hitting a golf ball, selling a product, when the people running a company in sports competitions, as well as when dealing with family and friends. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Boy Scouts and gain more knowledge.. In addition to the successful Golf & life seminars, many other workshops are offered such as such as excellence in competition “for golf players, better under the pressure of” Want to cut the competition conditions. It is an honor that S. Crowcroft win Sir John Whitmore as a partner: the great thinkers in the areas of leadership and organisational change and one of the leading figures in the international coaching community..