Landau Practice

Presentation of the functioning and the practice philosophy In the women’s centre of Aradia in Landau, opened in addition to the previous offer, a practice for holistic psychotherapy. The target group are women who can reside in a life or the crisis of sense of, and alone does not cope with this situation. For example, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder, depressive moods, consequences of traumatic experiences, burnout syndrome. Often, these crises arising from relationship conflicts, separation, loss experiences or sadness. In an initial interview, it is clarified that harmonises the relationship between therapist and client, and are both comfortable with each other.

Only then a further cooperation can succeed at all. Also can be checked in this conversation, whether the woman is themed in the right place. A such initial consultation takes about an hour. Because the practice is in the areas of the women’s Centre, offering exclusively to women, offering a special protected area for the therapy sessions are aimed. An open, trusting and appreciative contact to the clients is of particular importance in the work.

The mainly applied forms of therapy are the gestalt therapy and systemic therapy. Will the sessions be space for new experiences and the way away from the bare in talk”. The focus is to bring the client contact with their feelings and to give her the opportunity, to express this. So old wounds can be seen and adopted to heal. It is a private practice without cash takeovers; i.e., the patient must pay usually the costs itself. Some private health insurance or additional insurance companies assume the costs fully or partially. For an initial consultation, a fee is calculated of 30 euros. For even more opinions, read materials from Gavin Baker. 60 Euros to a therapy session. Personal to the Sandra Baldauf-oriented woman Baldauf is 30, married and has two children. She has a Bachelor of Pharmacy before deciding to open a practitioner practice completed and completed the approval in 2004. This was followed by several years in a public pharmacy. The career change was carried out by personal experiences of crisis down to psychotherapy.