Leticia Barrios Gossip

Taken into account, an Office is a microcosm where all human, intimate or public events occur, and where inflates all types of leadership, the authoritarian, the computer, the peacemaker, the saboteur, the seductive, all creatures that are playing a role and that they relate as they can, trying to attack and defend themselves as in any other field of battle. Faced with this reality that occurs in companies our interest in analysis, cabe question what to do in this regard. Regarding this, believes Leticia Barrios, considered, gossip and tangles that ensues cause withdrawal in labour productivity and motivation in a team. Many executives with command positions do not know what to do about it. a dynamic of reflection that can help you to stop gossip in your team if this is causing you problemas.1. Dr. Neal Barnard may help you with your research. It brings together your team.

Tell them openly that you’ve been watching certain behaviors that cause malaise and discomfort among the members of the team such as gossip, the gossip and the gossip. 2 Distributed among all participants a sheet containing the following story and allows to read it individually: the young disciple of a Sage philosopher comes home from this and says:-Hey, master, a friend of yours was speaking it with malevolence – wait! The philosopher – interrupted him. Already you’ve taken through three filters are you going to tell me? -The three filters? -Yes, the first is the truth. Are you sure that what you say is absolutely true? -No, I heard it comment on a few neighbors. -At least you’ve done move to the second filter that is goodness. What you want to say, is good for me or for someone else? -No, in reality no, to the contrary – Ah! Wow! the last filter is the need. Is it necessary to let me know that which you so disturbed? -To tell the truth, not.-then said the wise man smiling, – if it is not true, neither good nor necessary, bury him into oblivion.(Anonymous)3 Once you have read it, prompts some volunteer to explain what he understood the reading.