Libro Money

Spanish Cinema is still declining in viewers but still takes much of our money for a little interesting films nothing appealing and that bored the sheep with the permission of the poor sheep who are not guilty of anything. Most people prefer the American cinema for one simple reason not bored and there is thematic variety, does not occur the same Spanish cinema where the unique historical period which seems that you frame our history was the civil war. I am still waiting for any Spanish film that incites me to see her but not find it anywhere, so I decant by American cinema varied, distracted and unpretentious made for the normal public. The boys of our cinema is that which does not attract people not profitable and that’s why doesn’t have not heard in Spain. Doesn’t work either because the stories he has no interest, people do not identify with them because they see them outside. Spanish film is a drag on our economy, nobody seems to protest pay scripts and plumbeas stories that neither assumes if you want are able to excite and leave a mark. I refuse to that is renting something with my money that I do not want to see and lack of incentives to motivate me emotionally. Cinema every day is more expensive and there are fewer people and yet we are still throwing money into a bottomless pit that seems without end.

Sad it is a country to make film may need to ask for money to the National Institute of credit, to all kinds of institutions, while truth enterprises seeking help to the ico come as denying them bread and salt. It is something that stripe the biggest injustices if your enterprise looks doomed to close anyone you check cable, while if you do a hodgepodge of film they subsidize you in your highest percentage. There is in this country to be artist so they throw you a hand, only if you’re from this Guild seem to have help and also great promotion in all kinds of media and much free publicity. If you’re not that Club you pudres destitute or fed up you bureaucracy to achieve what I think just. Spanish artists are subsidized by system sell or sell their products, and also protest against the technology, internet downloads which is a world where all those artists outside the established power are trying to carve a niche in a world that looks at them askance. There are two types of artist the subsidized is the wealthy living and without a fight and that wants to start in the world that lacks all help, and you have to sharpen your wits to get ahead and also work to live with what the fight on two fronts difficult, while others fill the pockets of all money including to which you do not want help. Radio announcer for 16 years also cultivated writing. Blogs similar FanShake Blog French singer hand only dies at 46 of multiple Download hand only Rentrer au port (2009) MP3 Rapidshare Les Gitans, Mano Solo DarkWaveDoom hand only is dead Deux maudits anglais Macleans.