In the days of east crisis concept is fortified. Marketing in the days of crisis is indicated in addition, that, must reinforce the objective to obtain and to retain competitive advantages through the creation of added value. This must put into operation a massive transference of clients, who – they will dismiss the companies that provide low level of added value. Other this to say that those companies that do not know or do not want to lift in considerable form the advantages that offer to him to the clients, will face an extremely complicated situation for strictly internal reasons. But even though a company can be increasing to the quality of the product and the quality of the attention, and until being reducing the prices through the elimination of the costs of the not-quality, it can continue offering to the eyes of the clients less value than the competition. All plan of marketing must start off of a precise diagnosis of the market, and that necessity becomes more evident when a crisis is persistent.

After that basic reframing, the study comes there from a new segmentation and from the design of the marketing strategy. [email protected] Magazine asks,What changes in situations critics like the present one? Most frequent it is, than the relative weight of the variables modifies: those of long term, as the positioning or the mark, is submitted to action of immediate results, like those of prices, the promotions and the efforts of sale. Another detail to consider it is indicated, it been, by stranger who seems, that often the crisis does not affect so much " to be able of consumo" of people, but his " tendency to gasto" , reason why it is necessary to have then present that, although the consumption lowers at the moments of crisis, this means necessarily that the money availability has lowered in the same proportion; it can get to happen that the consumers have sufficient money but they do not cheer up to spend it by the fear and the uncertainty that generate in the market the crisis signs.