Manager Time

Views these responsibilities will say: nobody wants to be, (laughs). But it is necessary that the responsible acquires these responsibilities, little by little. Session work.-the teams that have been done gradually, experience, method for greater efficiency and taking advantage of the time, won’t be there to waste time, sometimes there are groups which begin to explain experiences, the Manager has to say: here do not come to hear experiences, then you tell it us when the meeting finished, but meetings are stretched people get tired. Before exposing a method of work of the team, indicated the following: before the meeting each team member seeks to have a time to prepare in particular the celebration, read with attention the liturgical texts, attempts to recompose the celebration within the liturgical framework, and of the liturgical year. And some questions that may expose them later in the assignment may be formulated. The Group ends up the calendar of meetings according to the need of the community, and meetings according to the need of the community and the possibility of its members, may be one day a week, or every two weeks. Something very important is that take care of yourself the punctuality, at the beginning and at the end of the session.

Take advantage of always the time that you have, go to the grain during the session all participants have the right to expose his reflection or point of view. This right must be respected by all, avoided one or more persons to monopolize the conversation, obtain simply talk and concentrate on what is essential, avoid anecdotal issues, sometimes personal reliefs, or unnecessary comments. It is convenient that a person’s Secretary, go take note and this later in the history of the parish is very important. For the smooth running of the group, all members shall take into account and practiced as follows: respected in fraternity, seeking the truth in charity, be aware of own and external constraints, know the spirit and the rules of the liturgy, always seek the spiritual good and the participation of the liturgical Assembly, keep in mind that your membership in the group is a selfless service and generous makes to the community.