Many Years

In my Office I have elderly patients who are going through a change of life and activity. soon pensionaran but their lives are in a encrusijada don’t know how to deal with the new change, they are afraid of what’s new at the different that awaits them. Nieman Foundation has much to offer in this field. Now I ask you how many years you have? old age begins dede the moment in which we are born and every day that passes is one day less, why we go in life through childhood, youth, adulthood, maturity and old age. To reach the time of rest does not comply with a schedule and mark card in the company have right to a pension many older adults see as from that moment begins its decline. His being changed becomes rigid does not accept the changes it does not adapt to new things as technology, new relations, ceases to be active if you ran 3 times a week already ceases to be active and stagnates, changes his physical climbing weight, changes his way of dressing, appear wrinkles, more gray, is falling hairmodern music bothers them, they have differences with young people.

It looks very dramatic? but it is the truth, the reality is that they autojubilan or be autopensionan and time is taking advantage every day at an alarming rate. If it is happening by situation or a close family member do not allow to pass by is situation it is important to feel free and independent, the work on his own account is important need not be young, mature or old everyone is fit in the.When is productive is comvierten in autonomous individuals, they do not age, they are more vital, younger, more productive and more happy, traveling, visiting friends, and places that could never go for lack of time, read books, learn an art and very important to share with the family. Do not leave in the family circle, you need them and they to you. Why invite you to visit to the medical to doctor alegria__ doctor dieta__ doctor activity. Look good and happy is a right that God gave us Martha de el Socorro Zapata Psychologist and businesswoman Pinzon original author and source of the article