Mariano Moreno

Patriotic week followed 20 with a meeting where Cisneros and the leaders agreed as he was going to develop the open cabildo demanded by citizens. On May 22 the Assembly defines the viceroy should be deposed. Here is where one of the biggest curiosities, on 23 May, Cisneros manages to remain as the head of the Junta that would handle the wires of the power of the new homeland. 24 An important popular mobilization indignant with the appointment Cup the surroundings of the Cabildo and requires the definitions taken a day earlier were visible. The historic may 25, coined the phrase the people want to know what it is and a few hours later a new Board headed by Saavedra and integrated by Mariano Moreno, Juan Jose Paso, Manuel Belgrano, Juan Jose Castelli, Juan Larrea, Manuel Alberti, Domingo Matheu and Miguel de Azcuenaga is in charge of the destiny of the provinces of the Rio de la Plata. The history that took place in the provinces the provinces of the Rio de la Plata, long before 1810 raised the independence of the colonies, inspired by the idea of maturity policy. All movements were crushed.

One of the main current pro-independence came from the hand of the Jesuits that the Government had been installed in areas of Paraguay, Misiones, Corrientes even up to the coasts of Colonia of Las Vacas, then Calera into the room of the orphan. The end of the current ended with the expulsion of this religious order in Spain and America in 1767. Also the northern area, more precisely in Jujuy, landlords raised the need to pay taxes to the Crown. The landowners were accused of treason and its properties invaded by the Royal troops who massacred up to the slaves that nothing had to do with the actions of employers. Those who formed the Board the conformation of the Board did not represent all social sectors of Buenos Aires.