Material Handling

Benefits of the MRT – compact to work in a constrained space, where it can not be applied tower crane. Series MRT may replace faucet, it is very just installed on the loader and it does not need a special permit. When you install a tower crane is required on almost all day, setting a tap on the MRT is just 20 minutes. All this is much easier to work and saves a significant amount of time. What else has changed in this series – operating lifting platform, it is now a greater power of machines has grown, height was 30 meters, with a horizontal radius of up to 25 meters from the base chassis truck, and the speed to 40 miles per hour while lifting stabilizers. In the market for telehandlers compared with other machines in the series MRT found more security systems. Cars MANITOU more reliability for the entire lifetime. Alignment system and a continuous through-rotation is present exclusively on all models MANITOU.

Loading diagram is much higher. And so we emphasized that the series does all MRT function of the lift truck and crane work. Using a bucket without teeth, Claw bucket, excavator mounted attachments other construction equipment can perform the full range of excavation work on the building facility. MANITRANSIT series TMT TMT Series 2520SR – three-wheeled loader used for loading or unloading of vehicles. Can be mounted on the truck or its trailer for transport to a place of work. This model also used as a forklift. Similar machines in the world market there, with 2003 series comes with a telescopic boom.

TMT model with good visibility from all sides, its dimensions do not exceed the dimensions of the truck that many important security feature. TMT has the lateral movement of the boom, this option is installed as standard. Center of gravity of the cargo – 135 mm. Manitou forklift trucks can pick up cargo only the edge of the board, and have to use additional forces to move the cargo to the edges with the bogie for subsequent withdrawal or unload on both sides. Using the loader MANITRANSIT avoids these additional operations and reduce to a minimum time of discharge. The cargo is not in contact with the carriage, it only needs to bend to pick up and pull the tray out of the wagon. Transportation MANITRANSIT TMT Series Installation requires an additional kit, which is mounted in back of the truck or trailer. Setup time takes just 50 seconds and loader is ready to transport to and from work. Transportation truck in the rear of the truck or trailer complies with all requirements of the rules transportation and traffic regulations. Suitable for installation almost all trucks and trailers with carrying capacity exceeding 10 tonnes, and some models are less capacity. Series S – Series stabilizers on R – with an arrow maximum movement of Series XT – works for a more powerful off-road Series 4W – with four-sided motion-Series TMT-wheel drive. In the model of TMT in a box set of differential pedal, which is used only in emergency, when pressed, the machine moves out of any difficult terrain. For security purposes, at high speed cornering speed is automatically reduced. It is necessary to overload the sensor which warns of meltdown. All hoses are protected, are in the frame. In the back of the truck mounted rear lights with indicator lamps, stop lamps, reversing signals and marker lamps, which are duplicated at transportation from the truck or trailer. Based on materials of CVH Material Handling (495) 925-51-19