Meat Eaters V Vegans

If, in principle, to compare ostoyanie cardiovascular system of meat-eaters and lacto-ovo category-vegetarians – vegans, then do not eat meat of it better. When compared within the latter group, it is better state observed in vegans (do not consume animal products at all), as ovo-lacto-vegetarians eat dairy products. I ask readers to pay attention to the dates of works, from professor to take their reports quote. As you can see, all these facts and observations were known long before the existence of the Internet! So to accuse him of exhaustion problems of thumb, do not consider acceptable. Overweight doctors and specialists Diet has long associated with milk and dairy products with the emergence of such problems as overweight, and this is logical.

One study, conducted at the world famous university in Cambridge, set itself a Q: Are all calories equal? The research results were as follows: Theoretically yes, but on our bodies, they act differently. For example, the calories contained in fat and calories from carbohydrates are assimilated the human body in different ways. Carbohydrate, by doing the body is already partially oxidized, fats, by contrast, comes unoxidized. Our body is the choice of energy in the first place burns glucose. It is a basic and preferred source of energy for all living beings. But when all the glucose is processed, the body begins to burn fat. The mechanism is surprisingly simple and logical: if the food was enough carbohydrate, then turn to fat did not reach, and he starts to lay (accumulated) sometime in the body.