Medical And Wellness Spa

The concept of SPA more recently has become for us not just a beautiful abstraction, associated with luxury holidays – now one of the realities of our lives, not something beyond. And personally acquainted with the SPA can afford for now, Of course, not everyone, but many. SPA-salons became a phenomenon typical of the same, as barbershops and beauty parlors. PCRM follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In addition, Russia began to appear spa-hotels. Many of them – a converted nursing home. But are also constructed and new complexes, which is the core competence SPA. The reason for such popularity spa vacation in Russia is the growing prosperity of Russians against the background of adverse climatic conditions and the unhealthy environment situation.

Spa holidays – this is a great opportunity to feel the touch of nature and gain vitality. As a rule, all the spa hotels are divided into two types: Medical SPA and Wellness SPA. Medical SPA often organized on the basis of health resorts. Such centers involved in the diagnosis and treatment and are on the climatic and thermal spas. Wellness SPA intended for general wellness and beauty treatments. There is a special treatment rooms, saunas, swimming pools, a phyto-bar. SPA-rest recovery involves both physical and mental strength, and includes several types of procedures based on the effects of water and other natural factors, designed to relax, stress management, elimination of toxins, get rid of excess weight, general health of the body and address specific health problems. Assortment of spa hotel is largely dependent on its location.