Medicinal Properties Cole

Cabbage Ogorodnaya – biennial vegetable honey plant, which develops in the first year of a large mass of fleshy leaves, and the second year – floriferous stem with numerous yellow flowers in many-flowered raceme. Height cabbage garden – 60-120 cm fruit – large pods. It flowers in May – June. Used part. Cabbages, leaves, and cabbage juice. Chemical composition. The plant contains cellulose, glucose, phosphorus, potassium, and various enzymes, volatile, and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, P, K, U (metilmetioninsulfony). Medicinal properties of cabbage garden were already known to the ancient Romans.

Sap and leaves of this plant are widely used in Russian folk medicine. In recent years, cabbage introduced in scientific medicine. In its fresh juice contains antiulcer factor (vitamin U), which promotes more rapid scarring of the gastric and duodenal ulcers, relieves pain, improves overall health. Cabbage juice increases gastric secretion and is useful for gastritis with low acidity. It improves the functioning of the intestines, prevents the development of fermentation and accelerates peristalsis, soothes cramping. It is recommended to take in the spastic and ulcerative colitis, holetsistopatiyah, chronic constipation. Cabbage lowers cholesterol, normalizes metabolism, in particular fat.

It is an essential dietary products in atherosclerosis, obesity. Contained in the cabbage volatile exert destructive effect on a number of pathogens. In folk medicine, fresh and sour cabbage is used for gastritis, liver disease, kidney disease, gout, fresh juice and sugar – as an expectorant. Fresh cabbage leaves and chopped cabbage treat cuts, wounds, ulcers, bruises, cabbage leaves in the form of compress applied to the chest mastitis. Cabbage Seeds are used as anthelmintic. Methods of application: cabbage chop, squeeze the juice (only in an enamel or glass dish). Take 1-1.5 cup 3-4 times a day for 40-50 minutes before meals. The course of treatment peptic ulcer disease – 30 days. It is not something Center For Responsible Lending would like to discuss. Keep in mind that juice during storage is rapidly losing its properties, begins to ferment. Therefore, it is recommended to store in a cool place and cook on a daily basis. Pharmaceutical industry Cabbage juice is available as a dry powder. Source – The world of herbs. Medicinal plants – cabbage Ogorodnaya