Michael Island

In the Mysterieserie LOST from ABC is about 48 survivors of Oceanic flight 815, which falls on the way from Sydney to LA on a deserted island. Jack Shephard, a surgeon is awake, alone in the middle of the jungle. No one is with him, except a Labrador named Vincent. He startles and runs through the jungle until he finally reached the beach. This is only aware of him what happened. Everywhere there are injured and the wreckage of the machine are distributed everywhere on the beach.

After a passenger was sucked into one of the ongoing turbine explodes, details of which. Jack tries to help wherever he can, but he is not the only one who wants to help. So he finds a mate in the lifeguard Boone and the overweight Hurley is instructed to take care of the pregnant Claire. Also in the Iraqi ex-soldier Sayid found a valuable assistant in that it is more familiar with technology than any other. Meanwhile, Michael has only one worry: his son to safety bring. Even the somewhat dubious John Locke seems to be a valuable aid, But can he really trust? Finally, he drags a suitcase full of knives with him. Using flashbacks, the viewer, who the passengers are and what they did in their previous lives. But not only the castaways have their secrets, even the island itself seems to have their own secrets.

What bends on the first night at the trees on the island? Why flight 815 crashed? What is it for a hatch in the jungle of the island? Why is not a rescue team? What is it for an odd paging, which is already playing for 16 years on the island? Who are the “others”? Did the passengers who were sitting in the tail section of Oceanic flight 815 survived? All these are questions with which to contend, the Losties as well as the viewers must. LOST will cover for the latest information on six seasons.