Modern Childrens Toys

In anticipation of the birth of his beloved goddaughter decided promonitorit market toys. The monitoring stumbled on the news – a toy store Baby Toys informs customers that went on sale hamsters seriii Speznaz (!) To say that became interesting – to say nothing. Shocked, I went, so to prove to the roots … And that’s what it turned out that well-known toy manufacturer – company Hasbro – recently launched a toy interactive hamsters. New toy immediately gained popularity among parents and children, and in the United States has been recognized by opening the toy market in 2010. Agree, very nice toys! These fluffy and very cute creatures have a size of about 10-12 cm Most of these hamsters, although there are more raccoons and rabbits. Merchant’s website says – the little animals squeak, run, make sounds, basking in their trays, friends, walking with their owners each other’s homes to carry or special bags, hiding Fleece Blankets, dress clothes, running through the maze. The luxury of hamsters and their owners have not yet been! And indeed, the market has all of the accessories and houses and cars, and cots, and portable. Special affection I have raised cot to the hamster: But then … Could not believe my eyes – because the battle for Ammunition interactive hamsters – it is something beyond my comprehension)) is to online toy store Baby Toys, interactive toys in the section> Zhu-Zhu pets online hamsters, chinchillas, rabbits and accessories. Do not believe me?