Modern Spa And Wellness Facilities:

Innovative design of Faris wellness & Spa “Dream world farmer”, responds Joachim Fladung, Managing Director of Faris wellness & Spa, smiling on the question after his feature. Where the work of the Hessian operator stops, the feeling of wellbeing starts for many. Because Faris to build sauna, Spa and wellness facilities. Together with his team, he developed spatial concepts that allow people to withdraw out of the everyday, to find peace and balance in a pleasant atmosphere. “Visitors can recover sustainably from Spa and wellness facilities”, says the sauna farmer from Hesse. CBC shines more light on the discussion. To achieve this goal, Faris is commercial and public clients from the design up to turnkey building with great commitment and professional expertise to the page. His service on demand extends to human resources consulting. Because professionals are also in the wellness area, especially with its ground-breaking trends, such as Ayurveda and Shiatsu, decisive parameters.

“We offer our “Customers the economically best solution”, explains “is therefore part of our responsibility, the practical usability of the objects created by us to ensure it Faris,.” He owes his entrepreneurial spirit and his desire to travel the specialization in sauna construction. In the 1990s, his path led him to Russia and across Europe. Locally, the quality of his work spread quickly. “At this time we have expanded gradually our original range of classic furniture and interior design”, so Faris. Mail order catalogues soon fixed work equipment included, to fully set up apartments, houses and business premises. Because the increasing demand for saunas, he decided in 1996 to take over the sauna building itself.

“We have adapted to us always meet the needs of the market”, the entrepreneur finds in retrospect. That this flexibility with great success has been rewarded, prove the numerous projects in Germany and abroad. And also uses the latest innovation from the House Faris Wellness & Spa confirmed. In cooperation with its technology and ceramic partners, Faris has developed its own wellness ceramics program. The range includes wet massage tables, heated loungers and heat recliner, which are versatile and attractive features, ergonomic shapes and technical details. Another outstanding feature is the material used: the large thermal ceramic is fine porcelain stoneware and characterized by their low share of joints. In practice, this means above all in addition to convenient cleaning: optimum hygiene. Image rights: Faris wellness & Spa UG contact: Faris wellness & Spa UG Joachim Fladung In the bottom 4 36145 Hofbieber + 49 6657-60 86 80 press contact Martina Frenzel wellness & media Phillip Wolter aft InStr 32 50678 Cologne 02214537373 Faris wellness & Spa UG builds the sauna, Spa and wellness facilities for private and commercial clients, as well as for the public sector. The Services range from consulting to turnkey development.