Moscow Administration

Diagnosis of the Moscow administration of justice. The first results on the example of the intersection of corruption – Paveletskaya Square in Moscow. Shulipa Yuri, Vice Chairman of the interregional public Consumer organizations’ Rights Protection Society of car owners, “a member of the Moscow branch of the FAR. Abstract: The paper was the study of illegal collusion of officials and judges OGIBDD of general jurisdiction, consider cases on administrative violations. A specific example it is shown that judges do not check the records of properly, trust only an indictment without the proper materials for their study, ignore the testimony of witnesses, the conclusions of expert opinions, the arguments of counsel and the accused, as a result of illegally attract car owners responsible, not willing to change illegal accusingly-punitive enforcement practices, intentionally did not recognize the mistakes and the inspectors DPS magistrates.

On the contrary deliberately invent reasons for leaving the guilty rulings in legal force. OGIBDD and courts intentionally do not reveal the causes and conditions that contributed to the commission of administrative offenses. The judicial community in violation of Russian law covers judges who have committed disciplinary infractions of bringing them to disciplinary action. The paper presents an algorithm to appeal judge’s illegal actions in administrative proceedings unrelated to the appeal of a judicial act. Driven by the conclusion that legitimizing the above-mentioned defects of the judicial system, the Presidium of the Moscow City Court violates the rights of citizens, the Russian legislation and legal positions of the highest courts of the country, undermining the constitutional order and the credibility of the justice and thus creates opportunities for corruption by inspectors and traffic police courts of general jurisdiction judges in Moscow. Keywords: administrative arbitrariness, administrative law, the oncoming traffic lane, traffic police, the Constitution Russian Federation, the corruption, the Code, unlawful conspiracy, knowingly unjust judicial act, concealment of judges, disciplinary responsibility.